Art Initiative at Radix HQ


Radix Collective Cocktails – NYC Edition

  It’s almost time for Advertising Week and we’re headed East – a perfect excuse to host a Radix Collective Cocktails to catch up with some of the Collective and Radix friends. If you’re an Independent PR pro in the NY area, join us and meet fellow independents in your area. It’s going down on Tuesday,

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Pathmatics: Ad Transparency, Trump, and Data

Transparency is a hot topic in the advertising space. The ANA’s took it up a notch with an expose’ of sorts on agency kickbacks. While it isn’t the main transparency issue plaguing the industry, it is indicative of the broader issue of not fully knowing what’s going on in the back-end. The ad tech landscape

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The Story Behind the Name Radix Collective

I’m often asked about the naming of Radix Collective. Where did it come from? Is it a made up word? What does it mean? What does it have to do with a collective? And, how do you pronounce it? The path to arriving at its doorstep started many years before founding Radix. The first part

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Hawt Off the Presses: Radix Summer Playlist

Good Lordy it’s been a hawt hawt hawt summer so far in Downtown Los Angeles. From what we hear from Radix friends and family, everyone is feeling the heat – and we’re not just talking about these election shenanigans, amiright? Fortunately, there’s always music to bring us up – and together. To celebrate the remaining

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Birdwell Beach Britches: Your BFF for Summer (and beyond)

Six more weeks of summer means plenty of time for vacations and weekend getaways that involve water and sun – but do you have the gear? Birdwell can help. Growing up in San Diego, and being the daughter of a RAT-beach surfer, meant surf culture permeated my upbringing. Surfer was my first magazine subscription and

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Current:LA Opens This Weekend!

Kicking off this Saturday, all over Los Angeles, artists have will transform public spaces into outdoor art exhibitions for one full month. CURRENT:LA Water opens Saturday, July 16 and runs through August 14. CURRENT:LA Water Public Art Biennial uses contemporary art as a platform for the exchange of ideas around critical issues our city faces together. This

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CURRENT:LA Public Art Biennial Opens July 16!

OooWe we’re getting close. Summer is almost upon us (official first day of Summer is June 20) so it’s time to fill our social calendars with fun outdoor activities. LA is filled with so many great little neighborhoods to explore, and next month all 15 council districts of Los Angeles will host outdoor art exhibitions for

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Radix Collective Goes To The Dogs For Wags And Walks Annual Fundraiser

To say the members of Radix Collective are animal lovers would be an understatement. We adore our fur babies – and have an equal soft spot for those kiddos who ended up in shelters and need their new forever home. It’s heartbreaking to see the posts and videos rampant on social media of animals who were

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3 Start-up Lessons From New Radix HQ

There’s something to be said about the slow-and-steady approach to building a business. After working with start-ups for nearly 20 years, you learn a thing or five. Three of the biggest roadblocks for emerging companies are:  1) a lack of focus  2) developing sustainable diversified revenue models and 3) living beyond their means. Let’s examine

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