5 PR Tips to Identify Good-Fit Clients & When to Pass

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Finding a client who is a good fit is sometimes akin to finding a partner. Ideally you’re compatible, have good communication, and on the same level with common goals. But sometimes, the partnership just won’t work, and you can tell from the start. The question is, when to take the risk and when to walk away.

When a client isn’t going to be a good fit, you usually know, if you’re honest with yourself. Maybe concerns pop up during the first phone call or you see red flags during project terms or contract negotiations.

Based on years of personal experience and countless stories from peers, this article outlines a few common giveaways to determine if they get a green light or red.

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  1. PR Newbie
  2. Size Envy
  3. Bait and Switch
  4. The Guaranteed Coverage Question
  5. Using PR as a Bandaid

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