9 Ways PR Freelancers Can Build New Business

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The requests for independent PR freelancers is booming but finding steady new business can be a challenge.

Companies and agencies are increasingly turning to this segment of talent to get a wide array of jobs done – media relations, content development and marketing, social communications strategy, thought leadership, you name it. But, for some independents, building a new business pipeline is the hard part.

I’ve met plenty of practitioners who are skilled at what they do but have a limited network or one that’s aging out. Getting access to leads doesn’t have to be hard or scary, it just requires strategic approaches and, most importantly, tapping your network and your own creativity!

The good news is, there are a number of tactics to employ to start getting yourself out there to bring the types of leads you’re looking for.

Drawing on experience building my own independent consultancy, and in working with independents the past 9 years at Radix, I assembled common, tried-and-tested, avenues to build your new business pipeline for this Forbes piece – Nine Ways For Independents To Build New Business. 

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1. Get Vertical
2. Be Discoverable
3. Fellow Freelancers
4. Eat Your Own Dog Food
5. Events
6. Make Friends with the Money Folks
7. Ad-hoc Groups
8. Media Friends
9. Be Proactive – Ask For Help!


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