7/23 Event (Venice): Blockchain & Advertising – State of the Industry

In addition to all the fun things going on over at Radix Collective we also find time to participate in industry events, including the LA AdMarTech group. A community organization that originated in 2012 and has grown and expanded since. Radix oversees LA AdMarTech and is excited about this next event focused on two hot verticals: Advertising and Blockchain.

There’s been a lot of hype the past few years, especially during the crypto/ICO craze days but time has born out who survived and how died. It’s also taken several years for agencies and holding companies to warm up to the idea of integrating technology with these nascent solutions.

This panel will dive in to where we’re at and how much further it is to go. We’ll also talk about Facebook and their never-ending quest to eat the world, now with their own crypto-currency.

Tickets are available now. The event is in Venice and generously sponsored by Lucidity with Blockchain Beach as our partner.

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