Rookie Indie PR Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Going out on your own can feel overwhelming. There are some very important business areas to attend to, especially your first year in business. I’ve had conversations with a number of independent’s over the years who have asked how long to give it to see if it’s going to work and something to commit to.

My advise is to give it two years, assuming you have income to support yourself basic needs during that time. The first 12-24 months is when a lot of the personal learning takes place and you either get your footing, or you don’t.

For the most part, the indie’s I’ve met over the years who took the leap, and stayed independent, can’t imagine going back to the lifestyle required in corporate or agency. It’s great to be your own boss, especially in a field wide open with opportunity.

The latest monthly column on Forbes – Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Freelance PR Business – tackles common challenges when getting your shop up and going. This is tried and tested experience from myself and scores of independents I’ve known over the years.

Full article at the link

The Top 10:

1. Bad Contracts
2. Unclear Scope Of Work
3. Lack Of Professional Help
4. No Tax Strategy
5. The Home Office Slump
6. Lack Of Business Software
7. Not Delegating
8. Weak Network
9. Being Afraid To Say No
10. Undervaluing Your Worth

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