Radix Independent PR Summit Re-Cap

It’s hard to believe it’s been several weeks since the first Radix Collective Independent PR Summit in downtown Los Angeles. What a fun and inspiring first event!

The small group format created a special kind of magic throughout the day. Independent PR pros in attendance we’re able to spend a quality time getting to know one another – which is half the point!

We started the day with David Tobin from Audiojack who led us in a creative exercise that was the perfect ice-breaker and mental kick start for the morning. Then we were joined by Nancy Fox for negotiation tips and best practices. She provided specific language and approaches to use to create or further negotiation. Nancy also gave a welcome reminder that it’s not just business, life is a negotiation. I’ve talked with two independents in attendance who have already applied her advice to create a better personal outcome.

Lunchtime went quick with everyone enjoying the LA sunshine on the deck and swapping war stories with fellow attendees.

Photo courtesy of Aunny Bathe of De La Rosa Public Relations

Afternoon sessions focused on sub-contracting for agencies; best tools and resources; business development pipeline; and the very popular (and peer recommended) help-me-help-you.


For this session everyone went around the room and shared their area of focus, types of clients they are looking for, and fellow independent’s they want to meet. I’ve heard of several attendees who have already connected to share leads and explore partnering up on business.

We rounded out the day with a session on legal followed by a cocktail party for attendees to spend more casual time getting to know one another.  As I waited with Stephen Fahlsing out he said, “This was great. Thanks for getting me out of the office and getting my brain thinking again.” Not that Stephen isn’t a continual fountain of ideas, but the event was designed to get people thinking differently, so his comment was a huge compliment on the goals of the PR Summit.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and all agreed that small-batch format (no more than 30) is the way to keep it. Any larger and it loses the intimacy and ability to really share with peers in a productive and effective way.

The next Radix Collective Independent PR Summit EAST is slated for late October in NYC during Communications Week – more details to come.

In the meantime, read what some attendees had to say:

I had no idea there were so many people like me! Seriously, our indie worlds can often be challenging, so to meet other people with whom we can share work, laughs, growls and cheers – it’s inspiring! …    — Samantha Leggat, Lighthouse Public Relations

Great event full of great people. Would definitely attend again!  — Stephen Fahlsing, BonfireLA

Worthwhile day. Radix Summit was a dynamic and friendly forum for independent consultants to share ideas, best practices and war stories, and even do a bit of networking too!  — Scott Lahde, Conduit Works

It was a great event. I learned a lot and it was wonderful to connect with other freelancers in the LA area. — Parinaz Farzin

The Radix Summit is a can’t miss event for independent publicists. The sessions are informative but the real value is in the people.  Great way to meet peers, learn from their approach and forge great relationships.  It’s only been a couple weeks and I’m already fielding new business opportunities!  — Gabriel del Rio, GdR PR

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