Radix Collective Independent PR Summit: April 27th (LA)

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Freelancer. Contractor. Independent.

No matter what name used, at heart, you’re a PR professional running their own business. Some of you have been at it for years, others just now making the leap.

The decision to go “Independent” happens for a varied number of reasons. It brings an unrivaled freedom and flexibility but comes with its own set of challenges.

Independent PR is on the rise – in terms of talent entering the marketplace and businesses turning to independents as an alternative to traditional agencies or in-house solutions. This movement creates enormous opportunity for professionals looking to start, maintain, or grow an independent PR business.

I’ve had the privilege of working with scores of independent pros the past five years. All have common struggles as they’ve sought to establish and grow their respective businesses. The majority have no desire to build a formal agency – instead opting for a micro-boutique – either handling all business themselves or partnering up on projects.

As professionals, we’ve spent years helping companies and executives build their businesses. Now it’s time for Independent PR pro’s to turn some of that focus into building their business and recognize themselves as entrepreneurs, not just “PR” people.

It’s these business challenges (business development, brand building, client retention, resource management, etc.) that led me to create the Radix Collective Independent PR Summit, happening in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, April 27th

This one-day business conference is for Independent PR practitioners who want to establish and grow their business, and network with industry peers.

The curriculum is designed for group collaboration and features business topics at the core of importance to any Independent PR pro. Topics include:

·       Keeping the lead pipeline full

·       Scaling without turning into an agency

·       Building personal brand

·       Client negotiations and saying “no”

·       Subcontracting

·       Loss of team environment and peer interaction

·       Tools of the trade

No matter what stage of business  – just starting, maintaining a consultancy, or deciding to grow and hire full-time employees – you’ll find relevant content, connections and inspiration.

Invest in yourself. Create the business you want.

Tickets and more information available here. Have questions? Email summit(at)radixcollective.com.

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