The Radix Review – July 25th

Another busy week? Seems like that’s always the case, at least it is here in the Radix office. No worries, we’ve got the Radix Review to keep you in the know.

From helping you exercise at work to notifying you when your toilet paper roll is low, this week’s gadgets were a combination of odd, yet useful. We’ve also compiled the best stories and music to get you through the end of July. Enjoy!

macchina da scrivere al mercato dell'usatoThis week’s top stories – ready for your review.


Inside the life of a pro gamer

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Now that the World Cup is over, it’s time to focus on another international tournament. But at The International, there are no end zones, there are no jerseys – there are only computers, mythical agents, and dedicated teams competing for a winning prize of over $5M. The International tournament brings together gamers from all over the world to compete for the chance to be crowned winner of the largest gaming tournament in the world. So, what does it mean to be the winner of The International? It means endless hours of training time, gamers admit. Gamers must balance school, work, and their personal lives around their gaming time- which Chinese gamers explain isn’t even proper training time unless all five team members are in the same room. Thought you knew everything about the gaming world?–Think again.


How to Cold Email a Complete Stranger

#howto #communications #email #etiquette #tipsandtricks #worklife #success

Whether you’re a senior executive or it’s your first internship, everyone has to do cold emailing at some point. It’s important not to come across too aggressive, or too timid. For those of you introverts out there, I find it appropriate to quote hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky here: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Here’s a quick recap, but make sure you take a look at this helpful article from The Billfold:

  1. Make your introduction brief and specific
  2. Have a clear ask
  3. Offer them something in return
  4. Stick the landing
  5. Say thanks


In case you missed it:

Lyft Agrees to Play Nice With NYC Regulators

#Lyft #Uber #NewYork #sharedeconomy #tech #mobile #transportation

Piggybacking off of last week’s Radix Review, have you heard the update on the Lyft vs. NYC controversy? Looks like Lyft is deciding to play nice with New York City regulators. Despite NY’s demands to halt the launch of Lyft, the company promised to move forward with launch plans despite initial threats from the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). However, it wasn’t until New York’s Attorney General and the TLC jointly filed a restraining order against Lyft, just hours before its scheduled debut in Brooklyn and Queens. Lyft learned it’s lesson and released this statement:

“We recognize and respect that Judge Freed wishes for all parties to work together on a path forward in a timely fashion. Based on today’s progress, we expect to be operating shortly in New York City and will continue working with the TLC, Attorney General and Department of Financial Services to come to a resolution that supports safe and innovative transportation options for New Yorkers. Today’s court proceedings reinforced the strength of Lyft’s position around its insurance coverage and operations.”


Here are some of our favorites from the week:

Defender – What do you get when you combine a camera, automated 9-1-1, and pepper spray? This.

Cubii -You’re at-desk sitting exerciser.

RollScout – You know that horrible moment when you’re stuck on the bowl without toilet paper? Yeah, this will help with that.

Sense – A way to monitor your sleep without wearing a tracker.

Shrunken Power Inverter – (TBD)- Looking to create your own gadget? Google opened a $1M contest to shrink a power inverter.


Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to check out our our July Playlist! Sit back and let these hand-picked beats guide you into the weekend. Happy Friday!


Hope you enjoyed, have a wonderful weekend.


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