Radix Rookies turned Communications Gurus


Interns Kelly and Mark here—

Now that we’re about two months into our time here at Radix, we wanted to give some insight into our awesome experiences so far being on board the Radix team. Check out our Q&A below!


What has been your favorite experience so far while working at Radix?

Kelly: Attending (and surviving) VidCon 2014 (check out my blog post here) was an unforgettable experience. Thousands of screaming tweens mobbing blue-haired YouTube stars is visual I’ll never forget.

Mark: Attending Silicon Beach Fest 2014. It was so fun to dive into the LA Tech/PR atmosphere right off the bat. The kick-off party was a blast, followed by two days of interesting panels.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments?

Kelly: I’m very proud of the press coverage I’ve helped garner for our clients, as well as the internal Radix events I’ve been able to help plan.

Mark: I’m really proud of the articles and interviews I have helped to facilitate between journalists and our clients.

What has been the most challenging part of your internship?

Kelly: Managing multiple accounts at once. It can be a little stressful having so many things going on all of the time, but in my opinion as long as you’re organized and communicative- you’re going to get tons of great experience doing so many different things!

Mark: Sometimes it can be tough to stay organized and up date with all the various speaking opportunities, media lists, and ongoing projects. Things can move very fast, but that’s what keeps this field so exciting and fun to be a part of!

Have you had any “AH-HAH” moments?10572141_10101329308686537_6910923216223776822_o

 Kelly: While I’ve had many AH-HAH moments, one that stands out to me is when our team attended the LA Ad Tech Mixer at OMMA. I remember sitting outside on the hotel balcony of the event and thinking how lucky I was to work with such amazing individuals. Both the internal team at Radix and the Collective have become not only my colleagues, but genuine friends. I realized how important it is for me to work somewhere where the employees value real relationships.

Mark: This whole experience has really been one ongoing AH-HAH moment. One thing I have learned is that some days are really busy, and others are not; it’s important to catch up on work that’s been on the back burner if you have downtime.

What are you looking forward to in your time left at Radix?

Kelly: I’m looking forward to our monthly Radix work-away at Terranea Resort in a few weeks- I love getting out of the office and experiencing new scenery. I’m also really looking forward to tying up some loose ends with different projects I’m working on and seeing those come to fruition.

Mark: While I’m leaps and bounds from where I started, I still make mistakes and need guidance. I hope to keep improving up until my last day. Also, I’m SO excited for Radix’s 2-year anniversary party and birthday celebration for our CEO, Nicole Jordan!


We have had such an incredibly rewarding and hands-on experience here at Radix, but unfortunately must pass the torch on to some other lucky interns. Interested in becoming a part of the Radix team? Check out our latest job posting here. (We promise you won’t regret it.)


Thanks for reading!

Mark & Kelly

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