The Radix Review – July 14th

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Now that the World Cup is over, it’s time to get caught up! Here are some interesting developments, recaps, and tips from our neck of the woods.

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This week’s top stories – ready for your review

Facebook and Twitter won the World Cup Final
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Finally, some proof that the US actually does care about soccer. Facebook and Twitter activity surrounding the World Cup broke all time records; Facebook even called it the most talked about event ‘ever’. But really, who’s surprised? – we were on the edge of our seats the whole time, (like during Brazil’s shocking defeat by the Netherlands)! The buzz was everywhere, especially online. But alas, Germany takes home the victory, and we quickly look for the next big thing to trend online.


How to Delete Something Permanently From Your Computer
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Sadly, it’s not as simple as just dragging a file to your “trash bin”.  The files are still there, hidden in the abyss that is your hard drive. That can really be a pain in the you-know-what. But the good news is there are programs you can download that “overwrite” your files, making them unreadable. So if you’re really itching to get rid of a file for whatever reason, read this helpful article with some great suggestions from our friends over at Mashable.


With NYC Launch, Lyft Looks To Take On Uber And Local Regulators
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To Uber or to Lyft? That is the question. The neck and neck battle between these two “ridesharing” companies has spawned some friendly bickering and some not-so-friendly taxi drivers. Uber, Lyft and Sidecar thrive from limited regulations and convenient mobile apps. But they are not without criticism. Apart from the taxi industry (whose ulterior motive is clear), some parents and community activists are discouraging rideshare companies, claiming them to be dangerous and unfair. Regardless, they are taking off, spanning the country in fierce competition with one another, and it seems like nothing can stop them!

MORE: Tension rises between cab companies and ride-sharing rivals Uber, Lyft


AT&T says it will be the first carrier to sell LG smartwatch
#futuretech #gadgets #IoT #smartdevices

After smartphones and tablets, what comes next? And, wait, are we really asking that? Yes, with people moving away from desktop computers, and even laptops, to smartphones and tablets, tech companies are already looking to come up with the next “smart” gadget. The LG Smartwatch? It has as good a chance as any, what with the many problems (from price to privacy to convenience) that have slowed other ambitious projects like Google Glass. It’s uncharted territory, and we’re waiting to see what catches on. May the best gadget win.

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