Transitioning from PR to marketing on The Drum

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Are you in PR but wanting to spread your wings into the wide world of marketing?

Then read this article full of advice from seasoned pros who transitioned from public relations/communications to marketing, as told to Nicole Jordan, Radix Collective founder.

Main takeaway? Being solely a media relations-focused PR executive doesn’t cut it in business the way it did 10 or 15 years ago. In today’s Comms world, PR pros have to think like marketers. The same has been said for advertising agencies, so it’s certainly not an isolated education process.

Other key points that emerged:

  • Get to know the business: Knowing facts, figures and product one-liners is important but the tip of the iceberg. It also means knowing how the business works, sales goals, client service challenges, product development, and more.
  • Expand your viewpoint: Don’t brand yourself as only PR, it’s limiting. Think of yourself as a business person first, PR/marketing second. For example, spend time with sales.
  • Learn more about marketing practices: There are a wide range of marketing disciplines that are enacted within agencies, independent consultancies and corporations. Get familiar, take some classes, learn what moves business outcomes.
  • Become a domain expert: Dig deep in a particular industry or vertical to create expertise and counsel that you can bring with you into the marketing realm.

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