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PR pro’s! You work so hard and really deserve special treatment and your own private place to recharge and conduct business… said no. one. ever.

Let’s face it – PR is a thankless, manic, and exhausting business to be in and, frankly, no one does anything nice for us. We run ourselves ragged and often it’s only our peers who give us that little pat on the back, “thank you,” or commiserating with a… “You’re not crazy. {insert client, journo, etc} is totally out of their mind… ” More than once we’ve joked with fellow pro’s saying, “Why is it we do this job again?”

Radix wants to change that and to kick things off we’re hosting the very first lounge ONLY FOR PR PEOPLE. The media have theirs and the execs have their VIPs. It’s time we have ours.

The RADIX PR LOUNGE AT CES is a relaxed chill spot for PR pro’s from all walks of life (freelance, corp comm, agency) to take a time out from the crazy – and especially your execs. Swing by for some drinks, snacks, recharging of devices and feet,  CES survival kit, and to meet fellow pro’s.

  • Location: Flamingo Hotel (No cab lines! Hop on the tram from LVCC and in 10 minutes you could be kicking your feet back with a Mimo while your phone sits far away from you getting the recharge it needs)
  • Dates/Times: Wednesday, January 6th & Thursday, January 7th: 10am-5pm
  • Special Rules: No clients/executives allowed. Seriously. They will be turned away. This is our safe place.

If you’d like to attend, please email hello (at) radixcollective.com and we’ll send the password to RSVP.

As this is the first ever PR-only lounge, we need your help spreading the word with fellow pro’s so please forward and/or give some social love. Sample social posts:

PR Pro’s going to CES we FINALLY have our own lounge! Sign up for @RADIXCOLLECTIVE PR LOUNGE – http://bit.ly/1Ohtq6X. DM for password.

Click2Tweet: http://ctt.ec/6xr6z

Sign-up for the first ever PR LOUNGE happening at CES. Hosted by @RADIXCOLLECTIVE – http://bit.ly/1Ohtq6X. DM for password

Click2Tweet: http://ctt.ec/VzscM

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