Guest Post: Thank You Radix!

Today is my last day at Radix and I’m hijacking the Radix blog as my last hurrah. Sorry Nicole and Aunny!

Over the past two years, Radix has been far more than a job, it has been a second family for me — we even work out of a house together. I’m so proud of the progress Radix has made over these past two years. Our clients are usually considered “startups,” but we often forget that Radix is itself a start-up. The experience of helping build a new paradigm for agencies is an experience that I will never forget.

But my experience at Radix reaches far beyond client work. From happy hours with the collective to team lunches at The Wood Cafe to discussing major life turning points, Nicole, Aunny and the whole Collective have become more than just colleagues.

Nicole and Aunny — thank you for the work and life lessons that you’ve taught me, the patience you’ve exhibited with me, and your genuine interest in helping me find and pursue my own path. I can’t imagine the last two years without you guys.

I’m grateful for everyone I’ve had the chance to work alongside over these past two years – thank you for making Radix an amazing place to come to work everyday.

This isn’t a “farewell,” it’s a “see you soon.” I’ll still be in LA (westside of course) and I will forever consider the people I’ve had the chance to work with, friends rather than “past colleagues/clients.”

Signing off,

Ryan Blakemore

P.S. For those that are curious, I’m jumping back into the startup world and helping launch the LA office of HIRED, a company that I believe is well on its way to disrupting the $300bn recruiting industry by improving the way technical talent and companies find each other.

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