Birdwell Beach Britches: Your BFF for Summer (and beyond)

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Six more weeks of summer means plenty of time for vacations and weekend getaways that involve water and sun – but do you have the gear? Birdwell can help.

Growing up in San Diego, and being the daughter of a RAT-beach surfer, meant surf culture permeated my upbringing. Surfer was my first magazine subscription and wardrobe staples consisted of anything Billabong, Stussy, Quicksilver, Body Glove or Rusty. I logged many hours running around the beaches of La Jolla, Encinitas, Del Mar and PB – that’s Pacific Beach – watching surf competitions and working on my tan.

logoWhen first hearing the story of Birdwell Beach Britches I knew we had to work with them. They are iconic in the surf lifestyle sector, have a rich and interesting legacy, and are the anti-thesis to fast-fashion – hand making all their goods from a factory in Santa Ana – since 1961.

Birdwell Beach Britches features “purpose-built” apparel and accessories that include boardshorts, walkshorts (new!), jackets and totes. Because they’re made with two-ply nylon and hand-stitched versus thin material and mass made means they last for decades. Rumor has it that one long time fan passed away leaving 70 “Birdies” in his collection.

You can read all about how Carrie Birdwell Mann invented the first two-ply nylon surf-shorts (for her kids) and founded her company here. They have employees who have been there for 40 years. Now that’s saying something.

Support this long-standing local business and get your new gear using promo code: BIRDIES4RADIX at checkout for 10% off (good through end of 2016).

If you’re down in Manhattan Beach check out their quick-stop retail store and pick up some Birdies of your own – p.s. they make great gifts, even for the little ones.

A few favorites to wet (see what I did there?) your appetite: 

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