Art Initiative at Radix HQ

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Art makes the world go round. We support artists of all stripes, flavors, and shapes. Which is why we jumped at the opportunity to work with managers at HQ for a new art initiative.

The Collection in DTLA is a historic building that is seeing a lot of new life with the resurgence in the area. To help support the overall building ethos of enabling creative-oriented businesses, “the management” cleared out an area in the lobby so we can start featuring up-and-coming artists.

First up is Radix friends-and-family Drew Wootten, a talented artist we’ve known for years and admired for even longer. For this series, he went intergalactic:

screen-shot-2011-06-13-at-9-49-58-pmNebula Series By Drew Wootten, 2016

With this recent body of work I drew inspiration from a variety of  images of beautiful nebulas that loom deep within and out of our universe. As with most of the art I create and, more so in these new pieces, I wanted to bring forth the vivid and intense color spectrums that we see in these far off galaxies. Though my work is entirely open to interpretation, this collection of paintings is the result of being truly inspired by all that we can or cannot see with our own eyes yet, know exists either billions of light years away or right within our whole being. For these works I decided to complete them by making custom frames, stained in a gorgeous walnut color. 

About the Artist: Drew Wootten has been creating various works of art for over 20 years now. From sculpture and graffiti, to wood work and painting with a variety of mediums, Wootten constantly challenges himself by exploring different mediums and art forms. His latest works, bold and beautiful color arrangements painted upon wood panels, truly jump out at you. With each acrylic stroke and shake of the spray paint can, Wootten’s art radiates an intense emotion that transcends more than just a dark or joyous moment. His abstract expression like work reveals a new story with every new glance. Fans of Wootten’s work are intrigued by its ambiguity, eccentricity, brilliant use of color and the fact that they see something different in his paintings each time they stare at them. To try and classify or put a name to his work is a challenge in and of itself so, Wootten has decided simply to call the style of  the majority of his paintings Creative Non-fiction.  Wootten’s art is mind-bending, gorgeous and frightening all at the same extraordinary moment.

img_4592                 drew

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