The Collective

The Collective is a network of independent communication partners who are hand-selected based on their expertise across multiple disciplines.

Each member of our Collective took a risk and stepped out to start their own business – to have more control over the types of clients they take on, the areas they specialize in, and the hours they allocate. This means a workforce that’s vertically focused, crosses communication and marketing disciplines, and isn’t burnt out – a welcome change from those days of nine clients and working 16-hour days at the office.

We understand that companies need a lot more
than “PR”

Our clients are paired with teams of communications pros able to lead programs tailored to suit the needs of their business. These curated partnerships are designed to drive targeted results and last long term.

If you are an independent or a boutique agency who would like more information about the Radix Collective send us a note and tell us a little more about yourself!